Teeth Straightening in liverpool

Teeth Straightening: The Secret Behind A Beautiful Smile

Teeth Straightening: The Secret Behind A Beautiful Smile


Today, orthodontists in Liverpool can choose from a plethora of teeth straightening options available to them depending on the specific requirements of individual patients.

Latest advances in teeth straightening techniques have given rise to many braces alternatives that are unobtrusive, inconspicuous and near invisible.

A perfect set of straight and aligned teeth can not only do wonders for your smile and confidence, but it can also likewise avert numerous dental and oral problems. With the invention of new devices and innovations, orthodontic treatments have become remarkably simple and convenient.


Teeth straightening options:


Metal Braces

Still, remain the most preferred option due to these being tried and tested over time. But, an increasing number of people, especially teens and young adults are beginning to explore alternative options to metal braces.

To cater to this growing need, orthodontists are presently utilizing new and emerging teeth straightening devices to make cosmetic dental treatments convenient, inconspicuous and stylish. Some of the in-vogue options are:

Ceramic Tooth Coloured Braces  Liverpool

These are almost identical to metal braces with ceramic brackets replacing the metal ones. Ceramic tooth coloured braces Liverpool get camouflaged Teeth Straightening in liverpoolwith the colour of your natural teeth making them indistinguishable and near invisible teeth straightening solution.

These are popular with individuals who prefer conventional braces but do not want to wear or are not comfortable with the appearance of traditional metal braces.

Lingual (inside) Braces

These braces resemble and function like conventional metal braces, the only difference being they are inserted behind your teeth rather than the front. This makes them totally invisible.

However, since the brackets and the connecting metal wires are situated very close to your tongue, they can meddle with your tongue movement and impair your speech and eating.

This puts lingual braces at a significant disadvantage and many individuals opt for more modern treatments like ceramic braces and clear aligners.

Clear Aligners (e.g. Invisalign)

Popularity and acceptance of clear aligners such as Invisalign Braces are gradually increasing especially among adolescents and teens for whom style and looks take precedence. invisalign braces liverpool

Clear aligners are near invisible and unlike conventional braces, these do away with brackets and wires making these not only a stylish but also a comfortable alternative.

Orthodontists will usually opt for clear aligners for treating mild to moderately severe teeth straightening problems.

Metal Braces

These remain the most common and widely accepted solution for teeth straightening. Metal braces involve metal brackets being attached to your teeth and these (brackets) are connected with metal wires.

Orthodontists will generally recommend metal braces to treat severe dental problems that cannot be treated using the other alternatives. These are a more permanent form of treatment and since metal braces are irremovable, this eliminates the possibility of forgetting to wear your braces,


What Next?

There’s no debate that teeth straightening is the secret behind a beautiful smile.

If you are a resident in Liverpool and are considering teeth straightening options for enhancing your smile, speak to one of our accomplished orthodontists who can prescribe the best treatment – conventional metal supports or one of the many contemporary cosmetic alternatives available today.