Dental Care


Whether you are a new or existing client, we would like to thank you for choosing our practice. At Pall Mall Dental Clinic we provide high-quality dental care treatment in a friendly environment in Liverpool. We are committed to continuing dental education and keeping abreast of the changes in modern dentistry. We encourage prevention techniques, helping you to understand how to maintain the health of your mouth to keep it free of tooth decay and gum disease. We are delighted to offer the dental care plan, our own membership scheme which enables us to provide you with the treatment and support necessary to control dental disease and restore your mouth to full fitness. Our modern health promoting approach with continuing care means:
  • – Fewer fillings
  • – Less dental decay
  • – Less likelihood of a toothache
  • – More attractive teeth
  • – More choice
  • – Reduced costs
  • – Helping to keep your own teeth for life

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    Your Choice for Dental Care with Us

    As individuals, we are having to make more and more provision for our own health needs. We at Pall Mall Dental Clinic believe that the best way of making treatment affordable, without compromising our high quality of dental care, is to offer you a membership that provides the following benefits: – A convenient payment scheme for routine treatment – Greater choice of treatment and materials – More time to help prevent decay and gum disease – A fair and equitable system where everybody pays the same – Substantial discounts on additional treatments – Worldwide Dental Trauma and Emergency Call-outs Insurance – Redundancy protection for your monthly plan payments for up to 12 months.

    Your Child’s Dental Care

    Children are born free of dental disease, yet by adulthood, a significant proportion of the population has active gum disease and most people have experienced some tooth decay and even tooth loss. It is our belief that disease can be prevented. Our aims is to provide your child with the best dental care available to secure their dental health. We ask patients to bring their children with them from birth so that we can see them regularly to help them grow up free from dental disease. For more information on the best option for your child’s dental care, please ask a member of our team.