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Emergency Dentist Vs. Oral Surgeon: Which Do You Need?

Have you found yourself with a dental emergency that requires urgent attention but not sure where you should turn first? You have used a dentist near me search, and it immediately brought up several emergency dentists around you for immediate help.  But while an emergency dentist may help take care of some dental needs, you should know that are some cases where an oral surgeon is a right person for the job. If you have found yourself with more pressing concerns like tooth extraction, there are chances that an oral surgeon will know just how to treat you.

This article will help you decide when you should consult your emergency dentist, and when you will need the hand of an oral surgeon.

What Exactly Is A Dental Emergency?

Knowing what a dental emergency really is and what it is not, can go a long way to help you save your teeth when something comes up. Typically, your dentist should be the first person you call in case of a dental emergency. So, you should know what an emergency is and what it’s not.

If you have experienced swelling of your jaw, heavy injury to your mouth, or increased infection, you should see your dentist immediately. He or she will provide you with an oral examination and determine what might be responsible for your symptoms. Then, can decide if it’s what they can help with or refer you to an oral surgeon who can help.

Emergency dentist working on a dental emergency

The Differences Between Your Oral Surgeon and Dentist

Many people make the mistake of believing that their oral surgeon and dentist are one. These two professionals are different based on the type of training they have gone through, which thus determines the type of services they provide you with.

On a general note, dentists have studied dentistry together with hands-on training, and some of them can carry out minor oral surgeries. However, they typically have the scope of their work to include dental care like professional teeth cleaning, oral exams, fillings, sealants, crowns, root canals, and overall gum care.

So, your dentist is expected to take a careful look at the state of your emergency needs to determine if it’s a condition they can handle or not. This is also applicable to non-emergency dental needs like surgical tooth extraction and gum surgery.

On the other hand, an oral surgeon is required when your dental emergency requires that your tooth be extracted, or your bone or gum tissue restructured. They have extensive training in a particular field, and your dentist is the one that will refer you to an oral surgeon if the need arises. An oral surgeon can help with situations ranging from impacted teeth and wisdom teeth to jaw misalignment and bone loss. They are also capable of treating chronic diseases or conditions that derive from mouth issues.

The good thing is that, in some cases, you can find a clinic that provides you with both services. When you have an emergency, such clinic will provide a competent dentist that will quickly access your diagnosis based on your symptoms and either treat you himself or refer you to a surgeon in the same clinic that attends to you that same day.

Reasons You May Need Oral Surgery

The reason you might need to visit an oral surgeon is many. Below are some reasons you may need to see an oral surgeon:

  • Tooth extraction
  • Impacted teeth
  • Jaw issues
  • Dental implants
  • Oral cancer