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Composite Bonding


Holes, gaps or chips in your teeth can be very distressful. What’s worse it may actually prevent you from smiling and talking with complete confidence.

Composite bonding can restore the natural look of your teeth, thereby giving you a beaming and naturally beautiful smile.

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How Composite Bonding Works

The process of composite bonding involves white fillings which are used to fill missing parts of your teeth. Composite fillings are matched according to the texture and colour of your natural teeth.

Composite bonding is not only an effective remedy for replacing missing parts of your teeth but can also be used to seal up cavities.

White composites work great to give your teeth a full appearance – call our Chester dentists today and enjoy full, gleaming white teeth.

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Composite Bonding FAQs

Composite bonding is typically used to improve the shape and colour of your teeth and work well to completely restore chipped, broken or stained teeth.

Composites are ideal when quick tooth restoration is required – however, having veneers installed is a more permanent solution.
Composite bonding procedures demand a high level of skill and mastery – your dentist should have undergone post-graduate training specifically in dental bonding. Ask them to show you before/after photos of previous patients.


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