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Our Philosophy

In this modern world of “brand values” and “mission statements” it is easy to be sceptical or cynical of grand pronouncements. We don’t believe in empty statements and promises that are used to sound clever or cool. What we do believe in can be described by one simple word. TRUST.

TRUST. It defines everything we do but has to be earned, never expected. Every patient that comes through our door is treated as we would want to be treated ourselves and that’s why our patients become our friends. Friends that followed Dr Healy to Pall Mall Dental Clinic when he opened here in 2007, and who continue to recommend us to family and friends.

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it’s not like visiting a dentist. I have severe issues with my youth of nightmare events at the dental clinic. I used to get severe anxiety weeks before a dentist appointment. These days I actually look forward to my dental appointments. Andrew is a top guy who’s an excellent dentist/orthodontist. I have to no issues with the dentist now and 100% confidence because of Andrew and that’s priceless.

John O’Brien

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